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Mentions legales

1) The Cheverny Voyages company leases to the customer the material designated in the contract. This rental is granted to these general conditions of sale that the customer accepts and agrees to respect (see A below). 2) The Tenant declares that he is the holder of a liability insurance policy. 3) The Tenant declares that he is fit to drive the rented equipment and declares that he has no medical contraindications. 4) The lease is neither transferable nor transferable. By express agreement between the parties, the loan or subletting of materials is strictly prohibited. 5) The rental takes effect when the tenant takes possession of the equipment and accessories delivered to him. The risks will be transferred during the delivery of equipment and accessories to the tenant who will assume custody under his full responsibility, the latter agreeing to use them in all circumstances in good father. 6) This contract is in force only for the duration of the lease as specified on the front. 7) The Tenant acknowledges having received the rented equipment in good working order with the basic equipment. He stated that he personally had the freedom to check the equipment and select it according to his needs. In particular, the tenant recognizes that he has been offered the rental of a helmet. The wearing of the helmet by the tenant is highly recommended by the renter. 8) The tenant agrees to use the rented equipment with caution, without danger to third parties and in accordance with the regulations in force. The Tenant is personally responsible for any infringement of the highway code and is always responsible for the bodily injury and material damage that it causes when using the rented equipment (art.1383 and 1384 of the civil code). The Lessor's liability is expressly waived in the event of failure to comply with the legal requirements. 9) Repairs, maintenance and exchange of parts or tires resulting from normal wear and tear are the responsibility of the Lessor. Repairs, maintenance and exchange of parts or tires resulting from faults of the customer are the responsibility of the latter (see B below). By express agreement between the parties, the tenant is strictly forbidden to modify the rented equipment. 10) In case of theft of the rented equipment, the tenant must inform the renter without delay, file a complaint with the authorized authorities and provide the landlord with the filing of a complaint.

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