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Conditions générales de vente



Company name: Cheverny Voyages SAS


Registered office: 7, Place de la République, 41700 Cour-Cheverny


Registration number RCS Blois 791 823 032


Tel: 02 54 74 57 05




Site manager: Pierre LAMBIN


Travel agent licence no.: IM041130004


Financial guarantee : GROUPAMA


Travel agency professional liability insurance: GROUPAMA




These general terms and conditions of sale apply from 1 January 2023. They replace and cancel all previous versions.




These general terms and conditions of sale are defined according to the specific nature of the services offered by LES VÉLOS VERTS whose activity is the hire of bicycles and associated accessories (hereinafter referred to as the Renter) in accordance with the terms and conditions described below. Any rental of bicycle(s) and/or accessory(ies) implies(s) their acceptance by the client(s) and/or any user of said rented equipment (hereinafter referred to as the Renter). 







The Hirer declares that he/she is fit to drive the rented equipment and that he/she has no medical contraindications.


The Hirer declares that he/she holds a civil liability insurance policy.




Transferability and transmission


The hire contract is neither assignable nor transferable. By express agreement between the parties, the lending or subletting of equipment is strictly prohibited.




Effective date

The rental takes effect when the Hirer takes possession of the equipment and accessories delivered to him/her. The risks will be transferred when the equipment and accessories are handed over to the Hirer, who will take full responsibility for their safekeeping. The Hirer undertakes to use the equipment and accessories with due care in all circumstances.




Duration of the contract


This contract is only valid for the rental period stipulated in the order and on the invoice sent upon confirmation of the order.


Any rental period that has begun (even if cancellation insurance has been taken out) or any change to the rental period (early return, change of return point, etc.) will not be reimbursed.




Return of equipment


The rented equipment must be returned to the place and on the dates specified in the contract. At the end of the hire period stipulated in the contract, and in the event of non-return, the hirer remains responsible for the equipment hired. The equipment must be returned at the end of the rental period stipulated in the contract, subject to the penalties set out in article 314-1 of the French Penal Code, without any formal notice being required and without the Hirer being able to invoke any impediment whatsoever.




Acknowledgement of the rented equipment

The Hirer acknowledges having received the rented equipment in good working order with the basic equipment. The Hirer declares that he/she personally had every opportunity to check the equipment and choose it in accordance with his/her needs. In particular, the Hirer acknowledges that a helmet has been offered for hire. The Hirer is strongly advised to wear a helmet.






The Hirer undertakes to use the equipment hired prudently, without danger to third parties and in accordance with the regulations in force. The Hirer is personally liable for any breach of the Highway Code and is always responsible for any personal injury or damage to property caused by the use of the rented equipment (art.1383 and 1384 of the Civil Code).


The Hirer is expressly exempt from liability in the event of failure to comply with legal requirements. The Hirer shall be personally liable for any damage, breakage or theft suffered by the rented equipment. However, the Hirer shall not be held liable for the harmful consequences of hidden defects in the rented equipment or of wear and tear that is not apparent and unfit for the use for which it is intended, provided that proof of said defects or wear and tear can be provided by the Hirer. In the event of breakage, the Hirer undertakes to return the damaged equipment, which must be recognisable and complete. Damage to the equipment will be invoiced to the Hirer at the current rate.



Repairs, maintenance and exchanges of parts or tyres resulting from normal wear and tear are the responsibility of the Hirer. Repairs, maintenance and exchanges of parts or tyres resulting from faults on the part of the Hirer shall be at the Hirer's expense. By express agreement between the parties, it is strictly forbidden for the Hirer to modify the rented equipment.




Prices for damaged products to be replaced


Handlebars: 25 € - Gear lever: 25 € - Gear lever: 25 € - Brake lever: 10 € - Saddle: 35 € - Mudguard: 20 € - Front or rear lights: 20 € - Luggage rack: 30 € - VTC front wheel: 30 € - VTC rear wheel: 40 € - Tyre + inner tube : 25 € - Chain: 15 € - Pedals: 10 € - Kickstand: 25€ - Derailleur hanger: 25 € - Helmet: 45€ - Change of lock (loss of VAE key): 40€ - Battery: 600 € - Electric-assist rear wheel: 300 € - VAE commodo box: 200 € - Broken bicycle frame: value of the complete bicycle (see below).




In the event of theft


In the event of theft of the rented equipment, the hirer must notify the hire company without delay, lodge a complaint with the appropriate authorities and provide the hire company with the police report. Theft and loss of equipment are not covered. In these cases, the equipment will be invoiced to the Hirer on the basis of its indicated value (see paragraph below).In the event of theft by the Hirer, misappropriation or damage of any kind resulting from non-compliance with the rules of use or regulations in force, or with the terms and conditions of this contract, the Hirer is entitled to take recourse for the full amount of the loss suffered.




Prices for a complete bike






TANDEM: €1,000 










In the event of a dispute, the consumer may refer the matter either to one of the courts with territorial jurisdiction under the Code of Civil Procedure, or to the court for the place where he or she lived when the contract was concluded or when the harmful event occurred. We inform you of your right to have recourse free of charge to a consumer mediator with a view to the amicable resolution of the dispute. Tourisme et Voyage - Siège social: 15 avenue Carnot, 75017 PARIS -






In the event that you wish to cancel, postpone or modify your rental, we offer : 


More than 30 days before departure: refund of your rental. 


Between 30 and 7 days before departure: your rental will be deferred for 1 year, in the form of a credit note. 


Less than a week before departure: the rental cannot be changed or refunded. The amount paid to Les Vélos Verts will be retained in full.

For customers who have chosen the "Cancellation Insurance" option: The rental price will be refunded in full up to 24 hours before departure. (Excluding insurance premium and bank charges)


Any reservation that has commenced will be payable in full and is non-refundable.




Information on telephone canvassing




Telephone details are not collected for the purpose of commercial canvassing and will not be used for this purpose. However, we would like to inform you of your right to register on the anti-solicitation list.


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