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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I rent my bike ?
Is it possible to pick up a bike in one city and return it in a different one?
Where do I need to return my bike at the end of the journey ?
Is there an extra cost if I pick up my bike at pick-up point A and drop it off at drop-off point B?
Which route can I take from your rental points?
Where can bicycles be parked in the vicinity of castles?
What is included in my rental package?
What do I need to bring for a bike ride ?
I want to cancel or postpone my bike rental. How should I proceed ?
Can we return a bike before the due date ?
Why should I book my bike?
Will my bike fit?
Until what age can a child be put on a baby carrier or in a child trailer?
From what age can you rent a bike?
Is it compulsory to wear a helmet?
Are your bikes new?
I liked a bike. Is it possible to buy it?
What to do in case of a mechanical problem?
Who should I contact in an emergency?
Which payment method can I use?
What is luggage transfer? How does it work?
How do I book one or more luggage transfers?
What is an electric bicycle and what are its advantages?
Can the electric bicycle be used in rainy weather?
How to use an electric bike ?
How far can I travel on a fully charged battery?
How do you recharge the battery of an electrically assisted bicycle?
Where can I park my car for easy access to the rental point?
Taking the train with your bike
Can I let my bike hanging outside at night ?

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