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Les Vélos Verts, 3 Avenue Gambetta, Blois
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Les Vélos Verts, 3 avenue Gambetta, 41000 Blois

Ouvert sur réservation de 9h00 à 12h30 et de 14h à 18h.

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Trips from Blois


Blois - Chambord: Cross the Jacques Gabriel bridge in the heart of Blois. At the traffic lights, turn left and simply follow the road signs to Chambord. Follow the cycle path along the Loire to Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire, a distance of around 14km. Along the way, you can admire the Château de Menars on the north side of the Loire. Once you reach Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire, turn right through this charming village, a former port dating back to the construction of the Château de Chambord. Follow the forest cycle paths to reach the largest and most majestic castle in the Loire Valley: Chambord. You can park your bikes next to the main hall, at the entrance to the village or next to the entrance to the château. Don't hesitate to roam through the estate by bike, taking a stroll around the canal bordering the château. If you've fallen in love with the banks of the Loire, take the same route back to Blois. Alternatively, take the inland route through forests, vineyards and meadows, passing through the villages of Huisseau-sur-Cosson and Vineuil.


Blois - Cheverny: There are two ways to get to Cheverny from Blois. The first, which is more direct, takes you through the urban area of Saint-Gervais-la-Forêt before entering the state-owned Russy forest. The second takes you along the banks of the Loire as far as the village of Chailles, before the route also joins the Russy forest. Both options converge at Cellettes. You will pass close to the Château de Beauregard, famous for its portrait gallery. Before reaching Cheverny, you'll also come across the Château de Troussay, known as the smallest château in the Loire Valley. Only a few kilometres to go before you reach the Château de Cheverny. Take time to walk around the grounds, see the pack of hunting dogs and admire the rich furnishings inside the château. After visiting the château, you can return to the same route you took on the outward journey, or go through the village of Mont-Près-Chambord before reaching Vineuil and then Blois.


Blois - Chaumont-sur-Loire: The cycle paths along the Loire will take you to the village of Chailles. After a short climb, you'll reach the village of Candé-sur-Beuvron. The route then follows the river Beuvron before it flows into the Loire. It's just 3km to Chaumont-sur-Loire. You'll arrive at the foot of the château, where you can park your bikes. You can enjoy the interiors and exteriors of this château, set high above the river and boasting breathtaking views. There's also the not-to-be-missed Chaumont International Garden Festival, which presents stunning contemporary creations based around nature every year.


Blois - Banks of the Loire: A loop entirely dedicated to the Loire, giving you the chance to stroll close to this great wild river. After crossing the Jacques Gabriel bridge, go along the Loire towards Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire. Enjoy the view of the Château de Ménars on the right bank. Don't hesitate to stop for lunch and visit the village of Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire, a former fishing and cargo port with a flourishing past in previous centuries. Then head for Muides-sur-Loire, where you can cross the bridge to the north bank. Finally, follow the Loire towards Blois. You'll pass through pretty villages such as Cour-sur-Loire and the Parc des Mées in Blois, home to the Loire Observatory.

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